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Alberta's' Licence Plate Reminder and Renewal Services

The Alberta government has ended mailed registration, licence and identification card renewal reminders to save taxpayers $3 million a year. In replace of this service, you can choose to register for an e-mail renewal notice through the Alberta Licence Plate Reminder and Renewal program to remind you of your upcoming tag renewal. Through this e-mail, you have the option of completing your registration.

The Basics:

The EasyRenew service will allow Albertans the option of having their vehicle renewal tags mailed to them instead of making their annual trip in to their local Registry office.

The Benefits to Registries and Albertans:

Albertans that register for the service will receive a free renewal reminder e-mail approximately 30 days prior to the first day of the expiry month. This e-mail will include a link to their secure data profile file where they can enter or update all of the current vehicle data.

Customers will be required to enter their insurance attestation. If the customer would like to renew their vehicle tag(s) through this service, they will proceed to register their credit card information for payment.

Alberta registry personal are notified of the submission and then proceed to process the data. If submission is approved, agent will process the credit card for payment, and when the credit card payment approved, renewal will be processed. If the payment is declined, or the file cannot be processed due to restrictions or inaccurate information, the customer will be notified via email.

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